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Doctor Andrew Murray running in Scotland during icy conditions

More than Iron Man, Andrew Murray. The sports and exercise medicine doctor pushing the boundaries of the possible

Doctor Andrew Murray may seem like a super human to the majority. Some how he manages to fit in being a GP with an intensive job in high performance sports medicine. He is also an author and an ambassador for promoting everyday health. His roles include working at both the Olympic and Paralympic games, the European and Challenge Tour golf and alongside the Scottish Rugby team. Andrew plays an important role in public health; recommending challenges everyone can partake in such as walking for one hour a day seven days in a row or committing to 30 minutes of physical activity everyday for a year. He doesn’t just push others to increase their fitness, he regularly challenges his own physical boundaries, defying normal ideas of what humans are capable of.

Here is a look back at just some of his challenges:


Having previously competed in his fair share of ultra marathons including the 2007 Sahara race and the 2010 Indo ultra, Dr Andrew Murray looked to push physical limitations even further and in early 2011 embarked on the journey of a lifetime to promote physical activity. Scotland2Sahara was a 78 day, 2659 mile pilgrimage. From John O’Groats in Scotland to Merzouga in the Moroccan desert, Andrew averaged 34 miles a day over 34 consecutive days. 663,000 KCals and a whole lot of family and friend support later, the race was finished and his feet got some much needed TLC.

Doctor ANdrew Murray running across the sahara desert

North Pole Marathon

Beating 40 other competitors to the finish line, Andrew placed 1st in a time of 4 hours 17 minutes.

7 Continents Club

After beginning with the ice marathon in Antarctica, Andrew Murray went on to complete a further 7 ultra marathons over 7 continents in under 7 days. He flew between the locations, having to contend with jetlag and extreme fatigue, sleeping only 10.5 hours over the first 5 days. Following winning the ice marathon he ran a further 31 miles in Antarctica the next day. He immediately flew to Santiago to repeat the feat in each of the locations; Patagonia, Toronto, London, Cairo, Dubai and Sydney.

Doctor Andrew Murray running in Scotland during icy conditions

Namib Desert

Alongside fellow superhuman, Donnie Campbell, Andrew Murray completed a 500 kilometre run across some of the world highest sand dunes in under ten days. Starting from Luderitz, the duo completed over 50km per day and navigated sandstorms before reaching their final destination of Wavis Bay.

Genghis Khan Ice Marathon

In 2016 Andrew Murray decided to take on one of the world most uninhabited areas. Huskies had to act as marshalls to deter the rabid, starving wolves. In -40 degree temperatures, he completed the Tol Gol river marathon. He then went on to run a further 100 miles through the Tereli National Park to Ulan Bator.

Doctor ANdrew Murray running the Gengis Khan marathon

I think we can all agree he is a pretty impressive man and this list is barely scratching the surface. Head over to his website to read more about some of his amazing work and check out some of his charities.

Check out Andrews books: Running Beyond Limits: The Adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner and Running Your Best

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More than Iron Man, Andrew Murray. The sports and exercise medicine doctor pushing the boundaries of the possible Doctor Andrew Murray may seem like...
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