Scuba Diving Sites in Malta – Europe’s best scuba destination

Warm Mediterranean seas, excellent visibility and an abundance of wrecks, caves and reefs make Malta the perfect place to begin or advance your scuba diving career. With three islands packed full of dive sites and over 50 dive schools to choose from you will find everything you need on this charming island. Why not try an underwater photography course or perhaps a technical dive such as a rebreather course allowing you to dive deeper for longer. There is no shortage of activities above the water either, spend the day hiking or visit the historic towns of Mdina and Valetta, you’re sure to fall in love with the place, we certainly did!

We have put together a list of the best scuba diving sites in Malta for all ability levels:


Comino  –  Boat dive  –  10-15m

This collection of ten caves lies in the relatively shallow waters just off comino island. Traverse the underwater maze and surface inside water grottos and don’t forget to take along a banana to feed the fish (and a GoPro).


Comino  –  Boat dive  –  19m

The first of many sites listed purposefully sunk for recreational divers, the sister ship of the P29 wreck offers the perfect spot for budding underwater photographers, perfect in combination with the Santa Marija caves for open water or advanced divers.

Instagram: @maltaqua


Cirkewwa  –  Shore dive  –  30m

Sunk as a tourist attraction this 40m long  tugboat sits perfectly in the sand bed off the shore of Cirkewwa, while still suitable for relatively inexperienced divers the depth means it is often frequented by divers completed their advanced open water course as the deep or wreck dive.

Instagram: @maltabluediving


Cirkewwa  –  Shore dive  –  36m

Another Cirkewwa dive, this east german minesweeper was sunk in 2007 after being sold to the maltese government. The Kondor class boat still has it’s machine gun intact and makes for the perfect photo-opThis site is also reserved for those with deep diving qualifications.

Photo: @calypso


Qawra  –  Boat Dive  –  56m

Reserved for the experienced, technical diver this British S-Class submarine scuttled in 1946 is extremely well preserved and lies only 2miles from the coast of Qawra.

Photo: @techwisemalta


Xorb L-Ghagin  –  Boat dive  –  42m

A must-see for bucketlisters. This British Blenheim mark IV bomber was shot down in WWII and the scale of impact can be seen from the wreck with the port side propeller missing. Visibility down here is excellent, reaching 40m but you’ll need your deep dive certification to reach it.

Photo: @maltaqua
Photo: Maltastartpages


Gozo/Dweijra  –  Boat dive  –  15-20m

Another boat dive from Gozo is the natural in-land sea pool which descends 16m to a window in the rock formations. Practice bounyancy skills whilst enjoying the coral garden at 4m and if you have good air consumption, try exiting through the inland sea tunnel, make sure you bring a torch!

Photo: @maltaqua


Wied Iz-Zurrieq  –  Boat dive  –  34m

One of the best sites to scuba dive Malta’s has to offer , sunk in 1995, this 115m Libyan tanker broke in half during a storm in 2005. Check out the impressive marine life at the stern or get lucky enough to see a shoal of barracuda pass you by.

Photo: @Maltaqua


Shore dive  –  40m

Just of the coast of one of Malta’s northern towns is a 40m drop off where you’ll find yourself surrounded by barracuda, tuna, amber jack and Mediterranean finger sponges. Swim through the wide entrance caves to the coral reef and enjoy the calm serenity just like the Santa Marija Caves.


Boat dive  –  42m

Laying at 42m you will find the hull of the imperial eagle ferry boat, sunk in 2000. You can swim through the hull or explore the surrounding area to find the statue of jesus.

Instagram: @maltaqua


Boat dive  –  73m

Similar to the Imperial Eagle, this site is reserved for experienced tech divers only, this german torpedo sunk by a mine in 1942 lies a whooping 73m deep only a mile from the Valetta harbour. You will find intact torpedoes in the tubes ready to be fired. The deepest scuba diving site Malta has to offer!

Photo: @Maltaqua

Whatever level of experience you are, there are enough sites to fill endless weeks of diving. Get in touch with our favourite dive school Maltaqua for further information.

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Warm Mediterranean seas, excellent visibility and an abundance of wrecks, caves and reefs make Malta the perfect place to begin or advance your scuba...
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