It is very easy to become reliant on our electronics, having endless sources of information at our fingertips wherever we go. If you don’t know how to build something, you can watch a youtube tutorial, if you don’t know how to get somewhere you ask google maps and the exact route appears on a screen within seconds. But what happens when you venture deep into the outback where phone signals and the ethernet haven’t yet penetrated or you accidentally find yourself lost in the middle of the amazon.

Here are the five essentials you should not only carry but also be prepared to use:


Do you want signal pretty much all the way round the earth? You’ll want one of these then. Connecting to orbiting satellites instead of land based sites. You’ll be able to get coverage everywhere utilising low earth orbit technology there is always at least one satellite in line-of-sight. China, Burma and Cuba are three countries who have restricted the use of satellite phones, paranoid of uprisings. All voice communication is encrypted, making it impossible for any one to listen in, used by journalists and reporters over war zones.


There was a time when people used compasses to navigate, now the latest GPS technology has almost completely exiled them to collectors cabinets and textbooks. Although GPS will be more accurate at pinpointing your location, it also relies on having a charged battery.


Thank god SOG have come out with their Baton Q3 collection. With 13 superior tools including a Phillips screwdriver this tool is sleek, slim and innovative and ideal for wilderness adventures, you may not be able to cut through dense shrubbery but it will certainly act as a good weapon when hunting or dressing game.




A good water filter must have pores small enough to filter viruses and protozoa, a major threat in developing countries. Ceramic filters are durable but fibreglass and silica are more effective at eliminating the nasty bugs. Some of the better straw filters on the market last over 100,000 litres of filtering but won’t have a fast filtration rate like some of the bigger filtering systems but they are much easier to carry with you. For those in a more permanent off the grid dwelling with limited access to running water, you should think about going green with your water filtration and investing in a clay pot water filter.



Now this maybe falls slightly outside of the ‘essential’ category, but it really is the best on the market and if you are sick of putting up your tent at every new location, this is the ideal investment for you. Clarks TX-270 jungle hammock with weather shield is mosquito, thunderstorm and snow proof. The interior is set up perfectly to keep you organise with faultlessly positioned pockets for your essentials. This will keep the spiders out and the comfort in.



Check out @hello_hobo_travel who has been trying it out in Oahu, Hawaii.

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It is very easy to become reliant on our electronics, having endless sources of information at our fingertips wherever we go. If you don’t...
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