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This dormant volcano rises 5795m from the Alborz mountain range in Tehran, it has long been regarded as a symbol of resistance to foreign invasion and is an achievable challenge for the majority of adventure seekers round the world. The ascent will take you past hot springs and glaciers to reach panoramic views of Eastern Iran. With temperatures averaging 93 degrees Fahrenheit/34 degrees Celsius in July it is best avoided in the summer months. [1]



russia mountain
The watchtower over Europe and Asia stands at an impressive 5642m tall. It is the perfect challenge for beginner climbers or those wanting to build their experience or improve their skills. The southern approach is beautiful and you will encounter a wonderful mix of ethnicities from the surrounding countries. The northern approach is best left to the more experienced climbers, being far more remote, those who want the challenge can make their way through 22 glaciers to the peak of this dormant volcano.



cerro torre
This jagged spire stands at 3128m above sea level in the Los Glaciares national park, the tallest of a four mountain chain stretching across Patagonia. It is famous for it’s fearsome winds and technically difficult climbs involving overhanging ice. El Chaltén is a good starting point providing all the essentials before attempted climbs.


mongolia kazakh
One of the five peaks brotherhood in Mongolia, Khuiten, meaning ‘cold’ is wild and remote. Found alongside friendship, eagle, cradle and herder the rolling landscape are inhabited by traditional herding families and Kazakh nomads. After crossing miles of desolate landscape, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful wildlife, sleeping in yurts and eating shashlik in flower fields. Don’t miss the unusual glacier formations found in the heart of the Tsagaan Valley.



Standing at 6194m, the climb to this peak is the highest in the world totalling 5490m of inclination. Punishing weather conditions make this climb impossible most months of the year with your best changes falling in May and June. Positioned only 390 miles from the Arctic circle storms here can last weeks so flexibility is crucial and be prepared to be isolated in tents for days on end. Successful climbers should be in peak physical condition with years of climbing experience behind them.



pakistan 2
Found in the Karakoram mountain range, this peak has only been summited three times; the first in 1977 remained in climbing history when the whole team made it down alive despite Doug Scott breaking both his legs and Bonington breaking two ribs and contracting pneumonia after a diagonal rappel on the descent.


[1] http://www.persianvoyages.com/



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DAMAVAND Iran This dormant volcano rises 5795m from the Alborz mountain range in Tehran, it has long been regarded as a symbol of resistance...
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